Wednesday, April 11, 2012

stripes in spring

IMG_7444_edited IMG_7331_edited IMG_7462 _edited IMG_7448_edited
 sweater: TJ Maxx / jeans: Levi's Curve ID / shoes: Target
all photos taken by james

The spring weather over the weekend was perfect. James and I went to see a movie first thing Saturday morning then headed out to the state park near our house for a mid-afternoon picnic and nature walk. You really can't beat $5.50 movie tickets for a new movie and it doesn't hurt that we are already up early anyway. So we take advantage of the day and even managed to get in a little shopping down in between.

We have finally made it through some hurdles with our new house. Needless to say we will be moving again next year when this lease is up. There should be a 30 day void policy on them so in cases like this when the experience is just horrible you can walk away. Alas, this is not the case so we are making due and finally getting through all the unpacking. I think I got spoiled when I was moving and unemployed because I had time to unpack and organize. This time it isn't as smooth. I'm hoping I'll be done in time to give a mini tour before we pack up and move again. haha

Life is busier than ever and we are taking each day as it comes at us but I am so thankful to finally feel on top of things again. Workout schedules, meal planning, and now blogging all seem to be back on track. Spring is teasing me here in DC and can't decide whether it wants to be 50 or 80 so I am going to start planning adventures and inside projects to occupy my free time.

What do you have going on this spring?


**originally published on A Cup of Subtle Tea.

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