Tuesday, January 3, 2012

home again!


After spending two weeks back home in Las Vegas it is finally time to get back home to Virginia and get 2012 in full swing! I'm not quite as excited for the plane ride. We board at 6AM which means we get to head there at 3AM. Crossing my fingers that this will be wacky enough for me to crash at a normal time back home so I can get back to east coast time without TOO much jet-lag. Happy Travels to anyone else flying this week :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! Teal Tuesdays will resume next week as normal :)



  1. Early morning plane rides are the worst! And then unpacking after such a long trip. I hope you had a lovely time while you were back home. I was at Target last week and saw teal pegs. They were super marked down to like $1.75 a packet. So I had to get two because I like teal now!

  2. Going home is my favorite part of vacation sometimes. It just feels so. darn. good. :)