Friday, August 30, 2013

the weekly - 35

the weekly collage - 35
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It feels like I haven't blogged in ages (ya know, beside the Abe post yesterday). I think my subconscious really needed me to step away and focus on real life. I am noticing an urge to blog, an urge to create. A spark is lighting again and I intend to take advantage!

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of daydreaming. Not the stressful, day-mare kind of scenario run through I feel like my normal tendencies are. No, this is real daydreaming. This is my current obsession with picturing our first home and renovating it to be a safe haven. Picturing what the future could look like.

Dreaming for another vacation on the water. It's been a year, we have a lot to celebrate. Getting excited for Fall and all of the clothes and things I could want to buy (but wont). I've been narrowing down my "beauty" stuff (not that I had much to begin with) but I'm coming into my own in a way I haven't before. Less is more they say.

I've also been thinking a lot lately about the whole "do what you love" thing. I've also had a thing for quotes lately but I've really been imagining what my dream field and "work life" would be like. I'm just full of all sorts of dreams lately, huh?!

Here are some links I want to share this week:

This... will make you cry. Bring tissues and your heart. It will burst!
Pranks, gotta love them. Please, can I scare the crap out of someone? Pretty please!
Laicie started a great discussion about millennial kids. She linked to some of my favorite articles on the subject.
The August Break is coming to an end. Sad face.
I definitely took most of August off. I will be talking more about my month of August in a wrap up.
This wilderness garden is straight out of my dreams. My daydreams I tell you!!
Jenny is hosting another monthly blogging event and I'm definitely going to participate this time, I think. lol
I have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with the blog, Smitten Studio, and Sarah's cabin renovation.
I've been seriously throwing this around in my head. I think it's time I push myself into fight or flight.I work best under pressure.

I hope that if you are celebrating Labor Day this weekend that you have great weather and good times planned. It's the last hurrah of the summer and we can't wait to get our BBQ on! If you aren't in the US celebrating then I hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you in September!!!


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  1. Thanks for the mention, lady!! I love having discussions like that on the blog. :)