Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer dress code

IMG_7978_edited IMG_8000_edited IMG_8004_edited IMG_8006_edited IMG_8021_edited IMG_7945_edited
dress: scarlett / belt: nordstroms rack / shoes: target

The best part about my corporate office (which has several 'best parts') has to be that we have a summer dress code. Normally we are business to business casual depending on the department and floor number but from Memorial Day to Labor Day we get to wear 'casual friday' attire. Which definitely includes jeans! It will be nice in the dead of summer because it gets so dang hot and humid in DC. When I came across this dress I knew it would be the perfect combination of presentable with the fun breezy feel of summer. I adore it. I'm still debating on whether I want to take it in a bit. I got it at Ross for $9 and it is the comfiest thing EVER.


p.s. forgive the blurries. I was on my own without a tripod (somewhere in this house hidden for 'safe keeping' i'm sure) so boxes and random items for stabilizing ftw. Oh yea and tripping over my own two feet. I have the BEST outtakes haha :)


  1. I love the pretty blue color of your dress and that's great that you got it at such a steal! Also, summer dress code is such a good idea. I'm lucky that my office is fairly casual, so I can generally wear what I want (within reason of course!).

  2. That really does look super comfy! And hello, $9?! Awesome! It sounds like you're really still enjoying your job, and that's so great.

  3. so, so cute! :) love it and love this new blog .. so pretty!