Saturday, June 9, 2012

call your girlfriend

This video has gotten pretty popular but isn't exactly viral. I wanted to share because I just love it. The original version by Robyn is amazing but if you aren't in the mood for autotune pop, this is the way to go.

**I guess I should update this since last night they were only at about 50,000 views when I saw it and now they are at 3 million... They've definitely gone viral. haha

I hope that when these girls get a little older they find there way to success because they are truly talented.




  1. They are SO cute, and wow, beautiful voices. So much better than the crap that normally goes viral.

  2. LOVE the work you did for Candy Land -- the new looks are so great! I saw you have the sponsor link coming soon - I just started swapping buttons this month, but would you like to swap with me for July? I'd love to have you! xoxo, eliza

  3. I have never seen this before! Wow those girls are amazing - and ADORABLE! Love this... thanks for sharing :)