Friday, June 1, 2012

some wedding talk


To say that I don't think about wedding planning is not only incorrect but it is crazy. Slowly but surely James and I are having more discussions about wedding details. I feel comfortable in saying that we are looking at a wedding late 2013 or late 2014! (he's given me a cut off of 2014 but I think that waiting til 2015 would be neat since both our birthdays are on the 15th day of our respective months.)

I bought the above wedding magazine (my first ever, omg!) and it is seriously the thing of gods. For every girl, whether you are planning every detail yourself or hiring a planner, this is truly a gift from the wedding gods. Plus it has BEAUTIFUL photographs. Truth be told, I've selfishly already chosen my photographer and it's looking like the whole wedding will be planned around them and that cost. Which I'm okay with.... because they are amazing.

I should stop before I get ahead of myself and start spilling all kinds of things that aren't ready to be spilled. So I'll stop while I'm ahead....
Happy Friday everyone!


**originally published on A Cup of Subtle Tea.

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