Saturday, December 10, 2011

our first christmas card

Being that it is our first year on our own I talked James into taking "Christmas Card" photos. I figured that it was only fair to show you guys the best of the best... We did take over 500 photos after all. It would be a waste not to show off our awesome photo taking skills! lol


I will forever, always be pushing up my glasses. 100% nerd status over here. I love it, truth be told :)


See... nerd status. Running strong at 100% and climbing. I make an awesome monkey face though, right?



We did a dance, had a tickle fight. The beer was inevitable. Really it's the best choice we made all day.


Don't ask what that face is below. I couldn't tell you if I tried.


This is the picture we ended up choosing. I think it was by far the best one because as soon as we saw it we both shouted out, "That's the one!!!".


                          Thank you for making our first Christmas card perfect, possible, and
                    totally natural! I really can't thank you enough.


We spent a great afternoon taking pictures and laughing our butts off. A memory I will definitely keep in our scrapbooks of 2011.



After we got that figured out we added a signature in Photoshop, got our prints made and I went to work on our card. All in all, it was a success. I am so proud of our first card and I hope that we have many more to come!


Have you guys sent out Christmas cards yet? 
If you made your own and did a post about it or have pictures I would love, love, love to see :)
I love to stalk other peoples Christmas cards for ideas and inspiration!



  1. These photos are adorable! I bet you guys had the best time taking them as well. I love cute little afternoons like this, they always make the best memories! I love the photo you guys ended up going with!

  2. I love your glasses! I love glasses in general, really. Growing up, I wished I needed a pair. (I still do.) For now I settle with clear lenses. :)

    Also, your Christmas card is EPIC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I also think the beer is hilarious and sweet. ♥

  3. I love all of these, especially silly ones.

    Also, nerds are the BEST kind of people.


  4. Your card is amazing! I really liked seeing the blooper shots from your photo shoot. I also like that you truly conveyed your spirit as a couple through the photo that you chose for the card.

    Aaron and I haven't gotten to the point of sending out holiday cards yet. Maybe one day!


  5. Your cards are so cute! You two are just adorable. *^_^*

    I still need to do Christmas cards... I should get on that asap!

  6. I love the card, and I just can't get enough of the Scrabble name tiles!

  7. your tree is so cute and i love these photos!!

    <3 steffy

  8. I love your photos! That looks like it was a lot of fun. I didn't do anything special for cards this year, just some pretty little sparkly box cards. Last year was our first Christmas away from home and I wrote in the snow "Merry Christmas from Fort McMurray" then put the photos in some premade Christmas frame cards. I think next year I might try to be more creative.

  9. I absolutely love this Hannah. All the pictures are just precious! (And you look like such a doll I might add). I sent out Christmas cards several days ago...I plan on making my own someday but will finals around I just didn't have the time....but I did have Santa makin snow angels on the cover! :)


  10. So cute! Me and P have just realised we can't have cute scrabble tiles like you, because our names don't have letters that match up wihtout using my grown up name. Boooo!
    VERY gorgeous piccies guys. love from us!

  11. You guys are SO adorable! I love the scrabble letters spelling out your names- so cute! Where are they from?

    I bought my Christmas cards from Etsy this year and I'm still in the process of writing/addressing them, but I hope to get them out by the end of the week!

    star-crossed smile

  12. These are FREAKING ADORABLE!!!! Could you be any more awesome!?

  13. Those photos are awesome! Just stopping by from Lariats and Lavender and I see that you live in Richmond! I'm just in Charlottesville :)