Friday, June 28, 2013

snip, snip


Guys, last night was rough but I'm holding it together. With James working late and Abe laying next to me in bed while I put together images for this post I was a mess. I kept picking him up (which woke him up) just to hold him. He's in that stage so let me just say that he was NOT having it. I then proceeded to google the death rate for French Bulldogs under anesthesia. BIG MISTAKE.

Horror stories + emotional Hannah = Abe get squeezed and told he can't die on me.

Yea. It happened. No shame. He's my baby and he can't go anywhere*. So... this morning at the buttcrack of dawn we got up and drove Abe to the vet and handed him over to the nurse. I won't ever forget his little "MOMMMM!!!!! DADDDDD!!!! What's happening?!" face was she took him away. They will be keeping him for the next 24 hours for surgery and observation. The only thing calming my nerves is that we go to a 24 hr vet hospital/doctor office so I'm telling myself that even though they are pricy it's because he will have constant supervision.

We are totally supposed to go out tonight since it is our first sans-puppy night since we got him in March but I can foresee us being the (puppy) parents who won't stop talking about the damn (dog) kid all night long. Don't even ask me what I'll do with real kids, that's too much anxiety and stress right now. I have to get through this surgery and I'll come back to you in 10 years when it's future Hannah's problem.

For the time being I will leave you with some of our favorite pictures of Abe through his 4 month life with us.

abe_little_rounduo My guys

Damn this cute-ass-booger. I love him.


*While I'm not really superstitious or religious, if you are the type to send well wishes and good juju I would love to have you keep Abe in your thoughts. He is a very healthy and happy baby bulldog but in all seriousness, he IS a bulldog. That means exponential risks during anesthetic procedures, including routine snip-snips. We thank you <3

ps. I totally cannot wait to share pictures of Abe in his Elizabethan cone!!! hehe

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  1. I promise Abe will be just fine! I had both of my bullies snipped/ spayed and they came back in perfect condition. I will admit with Shia I did the same thing, I fell apart the night before and stayed up with her then the vet kept her over night for precautions and I called them like 4 times before they closed to make sure she was okay. Being a dog momma is hard!