Thursday, March 28, 2013

something about easter

egg-plant eggcase

I intend to write on this blog without getting overtly political or religious because it's just not who I am. Being that Easter is truly a religious holiday, let's just stick with the mindset that I'm referring to the fun activities, decorations and craft projects that come with the holiday. K? Awesome :)

Easter always feels like a kids holiday. I guess in a way it really is. The last couple years I've been on my own (technically) with James always on the road so decorating, making lots of colored eggs and definitely an Easter egg hunt weren't ever really that appealing. I mean, really. What's the point if you hide all the eggs for yourself? That's just silly. Especially when you can barely get yourself out of the house!

This year James is not only home but actually has Sunday off. Look-y there! Now I still don't think we will do an Easter egg hunt but I do plan to bake an Easter cake. I am SOOOOO far behind on my 52 cakes, it's embarrassing. I will be catching up. Guess I'll have to start sending out baked goods to friends to compensate, like Roxanne from by, Bun ;) [don't mind my humble brag about the super sweet blog crush post she wrote about me today!) and Eliza from Case Study who is back in Virginia! Anywho. Hopefully this weekend will mean a completely unpacked (don't mistake that for organized) apartment and a fun Easter craft!

Whatever Easter brings and means for you, I hope you have an amazing time! Here's to LOTS of cake this weekend :)



  1. We actually never celebrated any of these holidays as a kid so I feel like I am making up traditions as we go of course I just pick up the "fun activities" cause yeah...they're fun activities. :)

    This year I got the idea to make leopard eggs and had WAY too much fun. And well, they're awesome...cause they're leopard eggs, ha. Of course I'm going to share.

    I just discovered your blog through Roxanne's blog crush post. You guys are too cute. :)

    My cousin is turning five this Easter weekend so YES, there will be lots of cake this weekend for us!