Tuesday, January 8, 2013

shelving inspiration

Shelving Inspiration
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James and I have a few books. Okay that's an understatement. We actually have 4 full bookcases in the living room. It's one of those things we just love about a house, being filled with books. So when looking into furniture for the new apartment we really wanted something that would be a. cheap (duh!), b. a style we love and c. it can hold all our books.

Are you at all surprised that we are thinking of going the DIY route? I mean, we've already made a kitchen island. What's shelving units for a whole house? lol Yea, we are nuts. It's okay though. James and I love doing projects together and the apartment already has an industrial feel so if we can pull it off, this could actually go really well!



  1. Great pictures! When I move into my own apartment, I would love to have a whole wall of shelving for all my knickknacks!

  2. Just one word for the work you showed up through images, WOW.. Great work must say. Hoping to upgrade my shelves with one of them in the pictures.