Friday, January 11, 2013

couch inspiration

Couch Inspiration
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Couches, oh couches. I have never bought a couch before. Is that surprising? For me it isn't. Buying one from a thrift store would have been a good upgrade at any point in my life. When James and I moved in together we inherited the broken couch from his parent's house. It is big. Big, like really hard to move big. It has to be pushing 10 years old. That ol' geezer. Seeing how we are moving into a 6th floor apartment next the idea of dragging that bad boy with us is REALLY not enticing to either of us. Not at all really. So we are finally in the market for new seating. *does a happy dance*

There is just one problem... we can't decide if we want another couch. Couches are awesome. You can lounge, seat more than two people if you like and cuddle. Cuddle is definitely the most important one. But couches are big. Take up a ton of space and well, expensive. So these are my wish list couches. Next I'll have to show you my real life options that both James and I agree on. Our other dilemma... what about doing 2 chairs instead? Yes, like in UP. Oh decisions. I'm so not good at you!

Have any of you had 2 chairs vs a couch? Did you like it? Did it get old quickly?



  1. I always like a couch because I like to stretch out. I'm dying to get a new one (since our cats are assholes and destroyed our current one) and I really want a gray one.

  2. I've had two chairs instead of a couch and honestly I missed being able to stretch out with a comfy blanket on a sofa. I'm loving #8! I did not buy my couch it was my boyfriend's and thanks for reminding me I definitely need a new one!! =)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I recently (two days ago) took the plunge and bought a couch actually! Tommy and I have been using a couch that his mom bought him, and while it's super comfortable, it's brown and just not that attractive in my opinion. So when the couch I have been eying on Urban Outfitters forever went on sale, I bought it :). I'm so excited! While the idea of two chairs sounds kinda nice, I would miss having a couch to snuggle up on.

  4. I love all of your couch picks...the ones with the button detail especially. When we (finally) furnished our living room we did the couch/chair debate and ended up getting 3 couches which are in a U shape with a coffee table in the middle, and we're really glad we didn't do chairs. They look great, but I tend to sit with my legs up and I always want more space.

  5. We had a couch that was kind of like 2 chairs put together because it had an armrest. I hated it. I missed being able to cuddle and lay out, also my dog wasn't able to sit with us either which bummed her out. I would recommend a couch over 2 chairs.