Sunday, October 28, 2012

october is almost over

After setting big plans to go do things like shoot pumpkin cannons at giant Transformer robots and enjoying the last bits of fall we got wind (i'm so funny...) of Hurricane Sandy and the proposed Frankenstorm, headed our way. So we are holing up in the house when James gets home from work. We stocked up and are pulling out all our lanterns and flashlights from our Hurricane Irene preparedness kit. Okay it's not really a kit, you get the idea.

Secretly, I'm hoping it blows out power from here to my office for a day or so keeping me from having to tough out traffic to the office and allowing me to cuddle, play board games and quickly eat delicious food before it goes bad. Actually sounds like a much needed "vacation" for me. Regardless, I hope that everyone in Frankenstorm's way is well prepared and keeps safe. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those a bit farther north than I.

If you are elsewhere in the country, enjoy your awesome Halloween week and celebrate for all of us east coasters who can't! I'm going to guess that even if they postponed Halloween for trick-or-treating, it just wont be the same.

If you hear silence, then I'll talk to ya'll in November :)


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