Saturday, October 6, 2012

next in line

This photo is from my high school film photography class. It seems like it was yesterday that I took this photo and spent hours developing multiple versions in the darkroom. It reminds me of an old bike on a farm that has leaves starting to pile up in the fall. Truth... it was taken by a pool in the dead of summer in my backyard in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, it reminds me of the comfort and cozy of a small hometown in the fall that I didn't have. Which, I think, makes it perfect for my October playlist. This is a mixture of some tracks the remind me of October with their name, sound, message, or I just really, really, really liked the song.

I love the idea of making a monthly playlist since I am ALWAYS changing what I listen to at work and while I design. I finally committed to the idea on the first so I'm getting this up now. I will be posting these on the first day of each month to say hello and start it off with some musack!

01. Sweet Sweet Melody - Katie Sky
02. Northern Lights - Cider Sky
03. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
04. Killing Time - Ducky
05. Red - Holly Ann
06. Recall - Hesta Prynn
07. Place of Paradise - Eli Lieb
08. Ghost - eleventyseven
09. Next In Line - Walk the Moon
10. Skinny Dipping in the Deep End - Zak Walters
11. October - Broken Bells

 For any fellow SPOTIFY listeners.



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