Monday, July 16, 2012

sometimes you gotta let go.

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I'll be the first to admit I have a hard time letting go. Of the past, of words exchanged, of abused trust, of clothing, and things in general. I can't say exactly why but the first step is acknowledgement. When Lauren from Hello Hunters wrote this blog post inspired by one of Kyla Roma, it really got me thinking.

I have wanted to declutter my life for some time but I always find a reason to hold onto things. Clothing especially. I think it's a pitfall of having an ever yo-yo-ing weight. You end up with 3 wardrobes and you can't ever let go. I've finally reached a point after watching how many boxes can sit unpacked for months on end that I must not need all this junk. It is time to purge and wipe down to a clean slate. Not only will this help make laundry easier to do but it will help make outfit planning and shopping as I shrink get easier. I can finally buy "the basic staples" and add lightly to assemble a fun, creative and truly self-expressive wardrobe that not only shows the casual weekend Hannah but the professional work day Hannah.

Here's to the purge! What can you let go of that will help clear you mind, lift some weight and clean up that clutter?



  1. One of my favorite quotes is "get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful, or joyful" - it's a great way to declutter :)


  2. I totally hear you! It's tough for me to get rid of anything. I can't quiet the voice that says "Maybe you might need that again someday!" At some point, it doesn't matter and getting rid of it is the best idea. Happy decluttering!

  3. Since I move so often I usually use that time to de-clutter. I'll start the packing early so that I can sift through everything I've acquired in the last year or so. And I usually go through my clothes every few months to decide what I want to sell/donate. Mainly so I can make room for new clothes :) Hope it clears your mind!

  4. best of luck! it's harder to do than to say...i know, i have tried! even when i do clean my closets out, they still look full!

  5. i actually ended up purging over half my closet after writing that post! i was really freaked out, because it didn't leave me much, but i feel so much better. i am really flattered to have inspired this post.